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Hi there, I'm Ngoc! 


I am experienced in treating anxiety disorders, life transitions, relationship/marital issues, traumatic experiences, and the grief and loss process. I love utilizing my bilingual/ bicultural background and my Christian belief system while relying on my relational-intuitive-integrative approach to work with individuals on issues that are unique to their lives.

My approach

I work to understand individuals through the lens of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (Romans 12:1) and Attachment & Psychodynamic theories. I am trauma-informed and I use CBT, DBT, ACPT (Attach Core Pattern Therapy), and Gottman Institute's guidelines in my interventions. I tailor my treatment approaches to my client's needs and goals. 

My focus

I am passionate about issues of reconciliation, marital conflicts, couple’s conflicts as parents, relational conflicts, anxiety/ stress management, adult children of alcoholics, and women’s issues. I know first-hand the experience of multiple pregnancy losses as well as infant loss and the grief process that entails. My ideal clients are those who are ready to work and make some radical changes in their lives.

My therapy style

I regularly check in with my clients on their progress in therapy, and I am open to hearing about their experiences and feedback on how we can work better together. You are in charge of your therapy, and I am here to help you achieve your goals. I am known to be direct yet also intuitive and inquisitive. My self-disclosure will only be used as I see fit for the client's needs. The session will be all about you and not me. I sincerely care about my clients and do not stop bettering myself as a clinician. I understand the needs for my clients to have someone who withholds their judgment, sees them for who they are and not what they have done, and is not afraid to go deep with them. My growth has come from sitting with resilient individuals and learning from their life stories. 

My journey to mental healthcare

I was born into a family with multiple teachers and educators. As a result, I was on my way to becoming a teacher. That all changed when I took a course in career counseling during my undergraduate program and discovered that I have the personality type for a helper/counselor. I quickly became fascinated with the new direction of my career path and have never looked back. After graduating with a major in psychology and a minor in biblical studies, I worked in the social services field, providing home visits and parenting education to mothers in underserved communities. I then went on to finish my graduate training as a marriage and family therapist. I worked in a children's mental health clinic for most of my associate training, acquiring experience working with families and children. I eventually moved to a different clinic mainly for adults dealing with issues of addiction, domestic violence, and trauma-related issues. I am most passionate about the healing aspect of therapy, bringing people together and helping them face their traumas, losses, and brokenness. I have been married to my husband since 2011. Through the ups and downs of life, and different types of counseling/ therapy later, I see that God wants to use the lessons I have learned in my marriage to help others. We are grateful for our 2 beautiful children and 4 other babies in heaven (one with Trisomy 13 diagnosis). I have had countless successes in pointing individuals and families to HOPE and mobilizing them toward ACTIONS. 

My goals for you

My hope for every client who comes in contact with me is to walk out of therapy feeling confident and resilient in their ability to face conflicts, past traumas, and future challenges head-on. I do not have unrealistic goals that will keep clients in therapy for years. I do, however, wish for the client to feel accomplished and able to recall their progress without feeling pressured to move in any direction.

My first session with you

I will explain my style and preferences as a therapist, as well as any expectation for our communication during treatment. I will ask quite a few questions to gather information for my assessment, yet I will leave time for you to divulge yourself and have a good sense of my therapy style moving forward. My expectation is that this is a collaborative relationship; therefore, your 1st impression of me will help you see whether I am a good fit for you in the long run or not.

My education & certifications

BS in Psychology and minor in Biblical Studies, Biola University, La Mirada (2008)

MS in Counseling, California State University Fullerton (2018)

Certified Anxiety Treatment (Integrate CBT and Exposure & Response Prevention for Treatment of GAD, Panic Disorder, OCD, Social Anxiety, & Phobias) by PESI (2023)

Certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (2023)


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